Project Control


17300 Henderson Pass, Suite 110
San Antonio, TX 7823229° 36' 11.5596" N, 98° 27' 35.3628" W
Project Control began as a small consulting practice in 1977. Its primary goal was to provide a service that would result in substantial cost savings in the development and construction of projects while fulfilling the owner's needs. Project Control's sole business is, and always has been, project management. Our objective is to relieve owners of the demanding management responsibilities and technical overview associated with major construction projects. This enables owners to proceed with "business as usual". Since we do not provide design, engineering or construction services, there are no conflicts of interest. Project Control unequivocally represents the owner's best interest on all issues. In most instances, our services result in savings to the owner which will exceed our fees.
Major Industry: 
Construction Services
Minor Industry: 
Construction Management